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Cankles – My Left Foot!

It seems now that even plastic dolls can’t escape the criticism of today’s world of fashion! Barbie, who is celebrating her 50th birthday this year, has been attacked by Christian Louboutin for having… Continue reading

Lights Out…or Left On?

I moved back to Dublin from London around a month ago now and the one thing I have not stopped hearing about is Dublin’s Playhouse. The excitement started on 24th September when the… Continue reading

LA Candy

I have decided that when I get paid, (funds are low at the min!) I’m going to purchase “LA Candy” by Lauren Conrad. The Hills is one of those programmes that people either… Continue reading

Half Way Through the Week

Bring on the TRUMPETS!

My Blackberry

I miss using my blackberry full time. It won’t allow me to use a different sim card in it so I have to wait until it’s unblocked…it has now been three weeks since… Continue reading

Cheryl Cole

I got into work this morning and did as I usually do…check my emails, check my horoscope, check twitter updates and read the Daily Mail Online…and what did I come to read but… Continue reading

Bunny With Fangs

I am love-love-loving bunnywithfangs! A girl called Meghan from America writes the blog and streams The City and The Hills episodes on an international player as they come out in the US which… Continue reading

Boredom Central

So this is my first post… Last Friday I handed in my notice at my current job to go to pastures new…only to find out that they want me to work my notice… Continue reading

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