Baileys Red Bow

Now I’m a girl who loves her Baileys so I am delighted to be going to the launch of the new Bailey’s Red Bow Bottle. The new festive bottle is dressed with a gorgeous red… Continue reading

Fancy a Slanket?

  Now this I find hilarious…not the concept of course…but the adverts on TV. If you haven’t seen them then you are missing out. BIG. TIME. The Slanket is like…get this…a fleece blanket(!!) –… Continue reading

The End of an Era

Ok so it’s not really a life changing situation but our Saturday nights will never be the same…yes that’s right I am talking about Jedward being booted off X-Factor on Sunday night. Now… Continue reading

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Time has passed so very slowly this week and the road seemed long and never-ending!   Every day in work has dragged by for two reasons: 1.      Hello Nobody – it seems that… Continue reading

Morph Me

Remember those cheeky lil chappies who the public loved but Tony Heart despaired of? Well now we can have them in our own homes and they are still causing mayhem…    The Contemporary Home are selling Morph… Continue reading

Build Your Own House and Home

I am currently working on the advertising for a magazine my company publishes called Build Your Own House and Home and I am amazed at how many brilliant houses are built each year in… Continue reading

As Good as Gold

When you think of the colour GOLD, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Christmas…jewellery…richness…or house? Well apparently gold is the new must have interior colour, whether it be on a… Continue reading

Bagpuss is Back

Although I’m not old enough to remember the original programmes, I would be living in another world if I didn’t know Bagpuss. BBC first aired the programme in 1974 and although there were… Continue reading

Go Wild!

When I first spotted (excuse the pun!) this new trend, I thought it was a bit crazy, but then again, the company who have produced it have always had a few mad ideas!… Continue reading

Jeg On

So over the weekend I decided it was time to buy a pair of jeggings. I had thought about it for a while…had even done a bit of research and came to the… Continue reading

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