Number 5553


I haven’t blogged for a while due to being up the wall with work and life in general and it only occurred to me tonight that I hadn’t actually filled anyone in on how the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon went!!

Last Monday 3rd June was the big day! It was absolutely boiling and the sun was splitting the skies which I was slightly worried about as I hadn’t run in such blistering heat before.

To be honest I didn’t have a great start. There were 40,000 entrants and I entered as a jogger (first mistake) which apparently a number of walkers decide to enter as so they aren’t stuck behind the ‘slow’ walkers. This of course doesn’t make any sense to me because then anyone who wants to jog is stuck behind the so called ‘fast walkers’. This meant it took me about 2 kilometres to get past all the walkers and finally get into a rhythm.

My second mistake was not stopping at the first water station. I hadn’t realised there would only be three water stops in total so by the time I got to the second one at 6 kms I was rather dehydrated and really feeling the burn.

However, when I got to the finish line I got a burst of energy and sprinted to the end noting that I had finished in a time of 1 hour 14 minutes, which although slower than my practice times, I was happy with.

It wasn’t until the next day that I got my final time and place. I actually ran in 1 hour 9 minutes – seeing as it took so long to get over the start line thanks to the walkers – and placed 5553 out of 40,000 women!! Even better!

The final great piece of news is that I have raised over €200 for Dogs Aid and am still collecting sponsorship money so hopefully I can increase the total amount!

The next challenge is on Saturday as I am running 4km at 4am up Tara Hill in aid of CMRF! Keep you updated on how that one goes!