Success and Disappointment

beach1The past week has been both of great success and disappointment. In short, I completed my first practice 10k run!

The downside of this week is that I stupidly ran a 6k on Monday, 2 days before I ran my 10k, and have now hurt my foot, meaning I have to take a break from running for a week or so. My foot is rather swollen and is tender to touch so taking a break is the only way forward to prevent further injury. From searching through Google, I think I may have injured my anterior talofibular ligament and most websites say to strengthen the ankle as well as ice the foot a few times a day. Has anyone else had this issue and know the best course of action?

runtastic1Going back to my 10k, I ran it in just under 1 hour 10 minutes which I am really pleased with. I also ran a new route which was simply stunning as it was along the back roads with lovely views. I haven’t taken a photo of my run as I got a new armband (woowho!) and so I’m not running with my phone in my hand which although it’s a lot easier, means I can’t take photos as I go. Now I have completed my first 10k run, I want to do it in a shorter time!! I would love to get down to 60 minutes for when I run the mini marathon in June.

Seeing as I couldn’t go for a run this weekend, Alan took me on a surprise trip to the beach with the dogs. I didn’t have a clue where we were going and although it was freezing cold (I wore 5 layers), it was amazing. I love feeling the fresh air on my face, and walking on the sand was good exercise for strengthening my foot. The dogs love the beach too, and spent their time running in and out of the sea and digging in the sand, hence Charlie’s sandy face in the photo below. The beach was an hour and a half away but we spent nearly 3 hours walking along so it was definitely a worthwhile trip. I never thought I would say it but I really did miss going for a run this weekend so hopefully I will be back to running next weekend and will be able to beat my time.

“Slight small injuries, and they will become none at all.”
Thomas Fuller 


Charlie and Bella enjoying the beach