Couple Running & Screaming Calves


Well I said I was going to blog about my running experiences to ensure I made the effort to keep up with my training schedule and this past weekend I did just that! We had a fun filled long weekend of running and walking, and of course, eating!

I went out on Saturday for my first run in nearly three weeks (lazy I know) and to be honest it actually wasn’t too bad! I did my usual short route of 4.3k near my house. The sun was shining, there wasn’t too much traffic on the road and I didn’t bump into any people which is always a bonus! I managed to do the run in 27 minutes which I was pleased with as it was the same time I had done it in before my lazy spell.

A good few times my husband Alan has mentioned a ‘bog run’ he loves to go on and Sunday was my introduction to it! I only knew roughly where we were going as Alan had kindly driven me round the route a few months ago when he started running it to show me how peaceful it was. I will admit I was slightly nervous about the run seeing as it is just under 7.7k which is my longest run yet. Keep in mind that I had only run just under 6k before my lazy spell. However I got up on Sunday raring to go and just thought to myself “I can walk at the end if I need to” yet lo and behold I ran the whole thing! I won’t say it was easy because it most definitely wasn’t. At one stage I thought my heart was about to explode as I ran up a hill and put with that the rain and freezing cold weather, I was slightly miserable at the start of the run. Luckily though I got through it and came out on top and completed the run in 48 minutes, my calves however are still very tight, even after all the stretching!

Picture1 (3)

Sorry for the shaky pics – running while taking photos will do that!

Speaking of running with Alan, we had a very funny conversation with our friends last weekend about ‘couple running’. I am always worried about holding Alan back from running how he wants to run, whether it be running quickly or running a good distance. We didn’t realise however that many couples experience this! Our friends were laughing that they have exactly the same predicament even though there is nothing for us as females to worry about as the guys will run on if they wish. Have any other couples had this discussion too? It was hilarious to hear we aren’t the only ones!

We were lucky here on Monday to have a public holiday due to St. Patrick’s Day so we took the opportunity to go for a lovely walk in the woods with the dogs. We were going to go hill walking but my calves were still screaming at me and I thought I would be pushing it if I forced them to go up a few hills. It was great to go out for some exercise without pushing myself too much, and as always it was even better to then come home to a cup of tea knowing I had got up off my arse in the first place.

My next run is going to be on Thursday and to be honest I’ m not really sure what I should do whether it be a shorter run and to try and beat my personal best time or do another long run and try and go for possibly 8k. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? All ideas welcome!

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.” 
Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner