Homeopathy to make me “Kind”


Last week I tried homeopathy for the first time, and to be honest I’m undecided and sceptical on its benefits for certain ‘ailments’ shall we say. I decided to go due to random outbreaks of eczema on my arms, eyelid and ear. I have been to doctors before who have given me a steroid cream but I want to find out the REASON why I get it, not just get rid of it. I have been told it could be due to stress or diet so when I heard this homeopath had a machine which can tell dietary intolerances and allergies I thought “GREAT I WILL GET AN ANSWER!”

Well in short, I didn’t get an answer. In fact, apparently I don’t have any food intolerances, my stress level is normal and my immune system is in amazing working order. Brilliant. I did however find out that I am sensitive to strong odours which baffles me.

Continuing on, the homeopath asked me lots of questions about emotions and day-to-day life before honing in on how I feel around people I know well, I don’t know well and people I had just met. She then went on to ask me if I think I am kind! Quite a lot of the questions were actually quite hard to answer as is it not really up to someone else to say whether I am kind or not? Is it not a matter of opinion from one person to the next?

We finished up the session with the homeopath unsure of which drops to give me (great – I’m an unstable human being) and was told the machine reckons I came out of the session with a 12.5% improvement from when I came in. WRONG! I spent the whole night wondering if I actually am a kind person and if the homeopath took from my answers that I’m not a very nice person so she gave me drops to make me sweet and light.

I’m on the drops for 6 weeks and when I go back I will find out what she put me on and why and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will feel the benefits. I also hope that by some miracle whatever is in the drops will also cure my eczema!

Has anyone had this experience with a homeopath? Did you find it worked?

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”