Lego Man

We have another full-grown man who likes to play with toys in our midst…and this time it’s not dolls, but lego.

Nathan Sawaya actually quit his job as a corporate lawyer to make a living from his childhood obsession of playing with building bricks and those who may think he’s a little crazy may be slightly taken aback to hear that his creations have sold for £10,000 each. No joke.

He is pretty much sorted, as his works are being shown in galleries across the world and are even in popular with top art dealers. He also even has his own touring exhibition, “The Art of the Brick”. His life-size sculptures require around 150,000 bricks and he used over 1,500,000 lego pieces for the 30 figures in his exhibition.

Key pieces in the show are his Red, Yellow, and Blue series which Nathan says explore the human emotions attached to birth, death and transformation.

“Most of the time, I spend between 8 to 12 hours each day creating with Lego, but it depends on what I’m working on.”

“Sometimes when I get really into a sculpture, I can spend 18 hours at a time.”

If you have some spare cash lying about and fancy buying one of his sculptures, don’t worry about it coming apart as Nathan even rebuilds his creations using glue once he is happy with them.