Mooch This

I came across this site a while ago, but only recently it has come to my attention again…Mooch does have a shop in Buckinghamshire but I think it’s better known for its online shop. It sources a wide range of eclectic products from one-off designer cushions to Italian high-end accessories and furniture. 

These quirky cushions have caught my spying eye and although they are expensive (£49.95 a pop!!) they give off a fantasy vibe and are a great way to create a diverse style in your home and play on the trend of nature and animals which is very much in this season.

The cushions showcase vibrant shades of lime, pink and turquoise alongside cream or light blue backgrounds. In a range of designs and colours, these contemporary cushions are just perfect for giving block colour sofas an edge.

If you fancy picking up a couple (or one if you’re broke) you can pre-order them on the website now as they aren’t available until March.