Blow Me Away

I came across this fantastic product when I was doing a bit of research for our magazine. It looks like your average chair but it is in fact an inflatable armchair which can be used either inside or outside.

The Inflatable Chesterfield Armchair is made from robust material used in life rafts which may seem a tad odd but this ultra modern garden furniture is comfortable and practical and we can buy it safe in the knowledge it won’t pop anytime soon! Designer Jeroen van de Kant has been busy designing more inflatable furnishings for Blofield – A pouffe/ottoman and a larger 3 seat sofa are also in development which will add to the sofas and children’s armchairs (very cute) already available. 

You don’t even have to worry about spending hours on end blowing it up as it comes with an electric pump which is a major advantage! It also comes with a handy hold all so you can carry it around (if you really wish). 

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