Smile with Glee

My first contact with Glee was when I saw an advert for the first episode on E4 and immediately thought it might be fun to watch. I decided to read a few reviews of it (which wasn’t hard as it was promoted everywhere) and thought to myself,

“Hmm I’m not too sure about this!”

Why did I think this I hear you ask? Well, many people were saying it was a try hard version of High School Musical which I am most definitely not into, and others were saying it was good if taken with a pinch of salt. I decided to go with the latter and try it out and I was not disappointed.

Will Schuster, an idealistic teacher (and an older looking version of Justin Timberlake) pines for the days when Glee Club was the cool thing to do in school. Nowadays it’s made up of five kids: Rachel – the stereotypical overachiever, Finn – the usual high school jock, Mercedes – the diva, Kurt – probably one of the only guys who can hit a high F, Tina – an Asian girl with a lisp and Artie who is in a wheelchair.

Sue Sylvester is probably the best bad/funny character ever created on TV. As the head of the Cheerios, the award-winning school cheerleader team (which we all know is majorly important in US School Dramas), she uses most of the schools funding which irritates Will which leads to the overall plot of the series.

The cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is actually the number one downloaded song in the Irish iTunes store which shows just how popular this show has become. Some may see it as cheesy but if you watch it with the view that they are taking the p*ss out of themselves you will laugh instead of cringe.

If you haven’t already seen Glee you can watch it on Fox, E4 or if you are from Ireland, 3e or TV3.

Here are a few quotes to whet your appetite:

Rachel Berry: “Mr. Schuester, do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to give the lead solo in “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” to a boy in a wheelchair?”

Sue Sylvester: “All I want is just one day a year when I’m not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties.”

Mercedes Jones: “Oh, Hell to the no! Look, I’m not down with all this background singing nonsense. I’m Beyoncé, I ain’t no Kelly Rowland!”