Make Me Beautiful

We all know that with the wonders of new technology (as well as a little program called Photoshop) every single image published in magazines/posters etc has been retouched…but do we know just how much these images are altered?

One person who is adamant we all know how much our “idols” are re-touched is Valerie Boyer, a 47-year-old female and member of the French parliament. The divorced mother of three has stated that “the pictures contradict the message” and has recently proposed a legislation in France that would require all digitally altered photographs of people used in advertising to be labeled as retouched.

One company that proves exactly what Boyer is stating is iWANEX who digitally retouch photos of celebrities. Click here to see some examples of their work (click on portfolio and scroll your mouse over the images to see them change). 

I understand what Boyer is saying, but at the same time I think it is less to do with simply retouching images, as most people know everything we see is digitally enhanced, and more to do with changing the global view that being skinny (verging on anorexic) is the ideal body shape.