The End of an Era

Ok so it’s not really a life changing situation but our Saturday nights will never be the same…yes that’s right I am talking about Jedward being booted off X-Factor on Sunday night.

Now we all know there has been a lot of controversy over these boys since they first arrived on our screens at the tender age of 17 (they have had their 18th birthday since) after they decided they had the X-Factor and so auditioned to be “the next big thing”, however I decided to be on Team Jedward, right from the start I might add, and must say I am sad to see them go.

I can honestly say I can’t remember when an X-Factor contestant got as much press as the two boys. Heat Magazine pushed the whole Jed We Can Campaign and a number of tributes poured in from celebrities over Twitter:

Peaches Geldof – “Jedward are out. I am now going to take a week out for mourning. I am in shock. It may be the end, but we witnessed something truly beautiful. Jed forever. The end of an era. But their legacy lives on in the hearts of millions, always and forever united in our battle cry of JED WE CAN!”

Little Boots – “I know they divide everyone but I love Jedward. Everyone keeps saying it’s a singing competition but I thought it was the x factor not the vocal factor?!”

Nick Grimshaw – “Never has a day been so dark or an evening so grim, my hearts bleeds and my punctured soul weeps….as Jedward become Deadward.”

I am glad so many big names got behind John and Edward because I thought it was ridiculous that they got so much bad press in the first place…and the audience booing them on stage was just rude. Thank God our Dermot decided to put them in their place one week.

I do have to say that although I was Team Jedward, I think it was right of Dannii to vote them off against Olly (finally a judge makes a decision!) It has come to that stage in the competition where it is all about making it to the final and I think we all knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen for the twins.

It’s not like they are going anywhere anyway. They were on GMTV this morning and have already been inundated with presenting offers from networks including Disney, Nickelodeon and the BBC.

They have even been dubbed the next Ant and Dec and are expected to make over £2 million in the next year or so.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we will be seeing of these cheeky chappies!