Fancy a Slanket?


Now this I find hilarious…not the concept of course…but the adverts on TV. If you haven’t seen them then you are missing out. BIG. TIME.

The Slanket is like…get this…a fleece blanket(!!) – but with sleeves so it doesn’t restrict your movement and your arms don’t get cold, and the company even has an answer for all those loved up couples out there – the Siamese Slanket which is as snug and adaptable as the original Slanket but built for two and apparently you can’t get much more intimate than that! 

I don’t mean to mock but this is seriously cheesy. Although I will admit that I do agree with the practicability factor, especially as I like to chill out with a blanket on the sofa every weekend and come across the usual problem of arms/feet getting cold. 

I wonder who would like one for a Christmas present…