Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Time has passed so very slowly this week and the road seemed long and never-ending!


Every day in work has dragged by for two reasons:

1.      Hello Nobody – it seems that the person I need to speak to in every company I have phoned this week has been with a customer/out of the office/on the phone/off sick for the day/on the mobile (which subsequently goes to voicemail). Any one who does answer the phone is busy/with a customer so can’t talk/going in and out of reception if on a mobile/not doing any advertising or…and this really gets my goat…asks me to forward on information and then not make a decision when it comes to facing the fears of spending.

I have managed to call, on average, 40 companies a day and have only had roughly 5 decent conversations a day (and that’s being generous!) In sales terms, if you narrow that down, we are talking 1 or 2 sales from those 5 conversations…and that is if you are lucky, but of course with this “recession” malarkey going on it is highly unlikely you get a sale without breaking your back (and your morals) as nowadays you have to put up quite a bloomin’ fight to get people to part with money!


2.      Bella – life at home is wonderful at the minute…and a bit messy…thanks to my wonderful new puppy Bella (and of course my boyfriend – I’m a sap!) who we brought home last Friday. Since then the house has been in chaos with toys, dog food, play time, barking through the night and of course stopping Bella from going to the toilet all over the house. She is a Mini Jack Russell and true to their nature, she is loving and affectionate whilst being as hyper as a child with ADHD who has just eaten a huge bag of Skittles.

The last week has consisted of talking to a dog and regularly saying “Good Girl!” and “No!” whilst handing out chicken as a treat or lifting Bella quickly and running over to the designated toilet spot whilst her pee drips through the air. Add that to encouraging her to eat, not chew the rug/clothes/our hands, play with her toys, walk with her lead and go to bed each night hoping she doesn’t bark all through the night.



Even though Bella is a lot of responsibility, we have only had her a week and it feels like she was always in our lives. Each day after work when I trudge up the hill on the dark wet nights thanking god the day is over and wishing for the weekend, all my negative thoughts are banished when I walk through the door and see my little Bella wagging her stump of a tail so hard her bum is wiggling from side to side and squeaking with excitement at the fact that I am home. Plenty of licks to the face later, my faith in the human race has been restored and the horrible day I have just had is long forgotten about.

Let’s hope that work/home life balance is restored next week.