Go Wild!

When I first spotted (excuse the pun!) this new trend, I thought it was a bit crazy, but then again, the company who have produced it have always had a few mad ideas!

Digetex have launched this new range of material called ‘Animal Skins’ which are all available as wallpapers, roller blinds, murals, canvases or fabrics.

I first heard of the wacky company when my previous boss bought a chair for her bathroom with an image of Mona Lisa on the back rest…but this goes one step further!


The image above showcases ‘Lucky Leopard Wallpaper’, however the new collection has everything from tiger to giraffe, zebra, alligator, cow and cheetah. According to Digetex, we are to “mix them together and have some fun…”

Interesting concept…however I am not sure how the ‘ Zexy Zebra’ print would quite fit into my home!