Wonder Wallpaper

It seems statement wallpaper is everywhere we look, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon once again and blog about it. My last post about Osborne and Little wallpaper was short and sweet so I have decided to go into a bit more detail in this post.

Bespoke wallpaper is really in at the moment…I guess it’s a good excuse for letting your children (or you!) write on the walls. Wallpaper like that of British Design Talent below offers consumers a personalised design experience where the wallpaper is an unfinished template which can be completed at home. The finished result is totally unique!

Many homeowners now like contemporary design in at least one room and so the wallpaper below by Basso and Brooke is perfect for creating that modern look. Clashing a bold design with traditional and antique furniture also stands out from the crowd. This type of wallpaper is best used in either a large spacious room or even in very small spaces like a downstairs loo.

Another option is not for the faint hearted. If you want to transport fashion design or pay homage to your favourite designer in your interior choices, make a dramatic statement with wallpaper like that of Vivienne Westwood’s below. The wallpaper is sold as a complete panel to give the impression of draped and folded fabric.

Whatever your choice, make sure you invest in some good quality lining paper to remove lumps and bumps before hanging wallpaper and never cut corners…always trim away excess from the existing length and start a new strip on the next wall!

Happy wall-papering…

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One thought on “Wonder Wallpaper

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